At Berkeley Street we provide onsite specialty frozen beverage products and profit programs to schools, corporations, restaurants, convenience stores, amusement parks, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses. Whether you are a small business or high volume food service account, we offer a beverage program that can increase your bottom line dramatically. No matter your size, our program can be individualized to meet your needs.

We place our machines -- the ultimate in frozen beverage equipment -- at no cost to you. There are no hidden leasing or service charges, maintenance or repair costs…ever.

Our line of products is incomparable in the marketplace – we use only the best ingredients and the finest formulations to insure that “comeback taste” in all of our beverages. We give you all the sales and marketing support you need to inform your customers about your great new products.

All of us at Berkeley Street take great pride in our customer relationships. We’ve built our reputation on excellence -- in our equipment, our product line, and our customer service. When you succeed we succeed!

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