When the state of California started harrumphing about all the sugar California students were consuming in beverages, Mike Rodgerson, owner and President of Berkeley Street Beverage Company in Santa Monica saw the handwriting on the wall. He knew that schools were soon going to need healthier beverages to serve their students.

“But kids don’t want to drink cranberry juice in a can just because some adult says it’s good for them,” Rodgerson says. “Kids love frozen beverages, but all of the most popular ones are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. With the state threatening to yank all the vending machines out of the schools, I knew the time had come to develop a 100% fruit juice, slushy-type product that tasted great.”

Rodgerson and his partner, Christine Macgenn, put together a team of flavor chemists and juice specialists and developed the California Freezie™, a purely natural, 100% juice product with no artificial ingredients. Not only have California school districts put out the welcome mat for the product, but retail establishments want California Freezies, too.

“Today’s health-conscious consumers are tired of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives,” says Rodgerson. “California Freezies are a great alternative for kids, but adults love them, too. On a scorching day, nothing tastes better than the ice-cold, fresh-sliced-fruit taste of a California Freezie.”

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