When the USDA passed the soda ban in schools it wasnít the carbonation that was the issue it was the sugar, artificial ingredients and the lack of nutrition in traditional sodas. But kids of all ages love sparkling beverages. Thatís why we created Juicy Jax – the FIRST sparkling juice fountain beverage to receive a USDA EXEMPTION. Juicy Jax meets all Federal and State regulations and can be sold in all USA schools.

Juicy Jax flavors

Juicy Jax is 100% juice, with no added sugar, no artificial flavors, or colors, and no white grape juice.* Juicy Jax flavors have plenty of nutritional content in each serving and are low calorie, low carb, and contain no fat. They are made with the highest quality juices – thatís why they taste so great!

Fresh and Fruity, Bubbly and Delicious!

Juicy Jax is the future of fountain beverages in schools!

*White grape juice is a highly processed, poor quality, low cost juice that is often used in juice blends to reduce cost and yet still retain a legal juice specification under FDA regulation.

Juicy Jax is a registered trademark of Berkeley Street Beverage Company, Inc.

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